Welcome to the Services page!

Gricey offers commissioned drawings capturing the essence of subjects.
Please email high-resolution images of the subject to be drawn, specifying the desired category or "Other" in the subject line.
Projects are reviewed for creative fit, budget, and timeline, with approvals within 72 hours.

To get started, simply send your ideas and images to:


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Highly Detailed Portraits

I specialize in creating intricately detailed portraits with advanced complexity and numerous lines.

These portraits can take up to four weeks to complete, ensuring every minute detail is captured flawlessly.

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Detailed Portraits

For those seeking portraits with simpler and more minimalist details, I offer this option.

These portraits have a slightly shorter turnaround time, typically taking around two weeks to complete while still maintaining a high level of detail.

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In addition to portraits, I also offer various design services, including tattoos and other designs.

These projects typically take around one and a half weeks to finalize, ensuring a meticulous and creative approach.

All the drawings Gricey creates are digital artworks, meticulously crafted using digital tools.
As a result, the final artwork will be delivered to the client in digital format by email, ensuring the highest quality and convenience for both viewing and sharing.